Trinta Por Uma Linha Marca Portuguesa

trinta por uma linha ®


TRINTA POR UMA LINHA this name can be very curious, but we can promise, you'll have a lot of fun with us and our projects. We are a Portuguese brand that intend to spread tradicional culture to the contemporary world, through function-form thinking, reflected in design projects, both of product and interior. 

TRINTA , shows Portugal in all the projects it creates through national materials and common Portuguese expressions. 

“Design and tradition, a brand that tell's Portugal"



Trinta Por Uma Linha Team    


Business partner of Trinta, where she is Executive Director. Graduated in Management Leadership and Informatics, she is passionate about Portuguese culture, communication and entrepreneurship and aims to create new businesses and put them into action.   

Trinta Por Uma Linha Team  


Business partner and co-founder of Trinta, where she is a Designer and Creative Director. Graduate in Design and degree in Product and Interior Design, she has as philosophy the conceptual development of new contemporary design projects, focused in function-form and team work. She is passionate about Portuguese culture and is constantly searching for new cultures in order to improve her knowledge.

Trinta Por Uma Linha Team    


Business parter and Co-founder of Trinta, where she is a designer and Production Director. Degree in Product and Interior design, believes that being a designer is not only a profession, it is a way of seeing and being in the world. In her projects, relies a strong and original concepts. Passionate about the Portuguese culture, for the design and show Portugal, through design.