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Casa Grigi is the studio of fashion designer, Mónica Gonçalves. Casa Grigi explores in their collections, Portuguese material's such as cork, wool and other traditional fabrics and techniques. There work is so interesting that at one point they developed a totally new product - The Cork Thread - In Filo. This cork thread, is composed for 98% of cork and 2% of a secret that the fashion designer doesn't reveal to anyone, it makes it's product a perfect thread to anything, and more importante is eco-friendly.  Trinta por uma linha, found on this product a perfect combination between the 100% Portuguese material and a totally new and innovation of the tradicional. We couldn't lose the opportunity to use this new product in our pieces. So, we precent the first furniture that represent, Trinta por uma linha and Casa Grigi. 


Natural Pine

Lacquered in White

In Filo

DIM: 40cm x 40cm x 40cm

Made in Portugal



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