cabeça de alho chocho

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Por mais rápido que ande a "Cabeça de alho chocho" está aqui para a ajudar.

The new Trinta por uma linha product, has been designed to be in your front lobby, or even in the hallway to your bedrooms. Use the "Cabeça de alho chocho", not only to put your daily basic objects (wallet's, keys, mail, etc), but also to remember a good moment with a photograph of your last vacations or a jar with  flowers that you have received. Whit a striking, sober and right-line design, you can easily combine the "Cabeça de alho chocho", with other elements in your home. This new console can take on any materials. Trinta proposes the best Portuguese materials, such as, Walnut, Pine, Oak woods or even Cork. 



Black Agglomerated Cork or Light Cork 

Wood: Walnut; Pine; Oak;

Dim: 30cm x 130cm x 80cm

Made in Portugal

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