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Roselyn Silva is an Afro-Portuguese fashion designer that explore African fabrics, more known, as "Capulanas", in her collections. This partnership was born by the need to further explore the history between Portugal and Africa. The history that connect them is so big that its almost impossible no to see a little bit of Portugal in the African culture and vice-versa. Trinta propose to Roselyn, to design a piece of furniture that shows to the world the culture alliance between African and Portugal. For Roselyn, the furniture had to be an armchair that was big, comfortable and that remind her of a shell, an armchair that have influences from the African handcraft and have the Portuguese touch from Trinta. 

Trinta now present the first piece that involves Africa and Portuguese culture in one.   


Feet - Wood 

African fabric by Roselyn Silva

Dim: 89cm x 1.25cm x 1.67cm

Made in Portugal



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